Controlled randomized group comparison of
nomifensine and imipramine in depressive illness

Forrest A, Hewett A, Nicholson P.
Br J Clin Pharmacol 1977;4Suppl 2:215S-220S


1. Nomifensine, an isoquinoline dopaminergic agonist, was investigated in a randomized double-blind group comparison with imipramine, in 40 out-patients with depression. 2. Assessments were made at weekly intervals for 4 weeks using the Hamilton Depression Scale and the Beck Depression Inventory. Blood, kidney and liver function were also monitored weekly. 3. Nomifensine was shown to be at least as effective as imipramine in relieving depression and to relieve tha anxiety component of the disease significantly more rapidly. Neither drug produced serious unwanted effects.
Nomifensine: profile
Nomifensine dependence
Imipramine versus nomifensine
Nomifensine : pharmacokinetics
Nomifensine and hemolytic anemia
Nomifensine, noradrenaline and dopamine

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