Nomifensine maleate: a new
second-generation antidepressant

Kinney JL
Clin Pharm 1985 Nov-Dec; 4(6):625-36


The pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, clinical efficacy, adverse effects, drug interactions, dosage, and formulary recommendations for nomifensine maleate are reviewed. Nomifensine is a potent inhibitor of norepinephrine but has little effect on serotonin. It is unique in that it is a potent reuptake inhibitor of dopamine. Nomifensine is rapidly and completely absorbed and is widely distributed throughout the body. The major route of elimination is through the kidneys. Because of its short half-life and resultant lack of accumulation, nomifensine is usually given in divided doses. Nomifensine is approved for the treatment of depression. In clinical trials with imipramine, amitriptyline, nortriptyline, maprotiline, and various investigational antidepressant drugs, it has been found to be as effective as the standard antidepressant agents. In general, nomifensine has been well tolerated by patients and has caused few side effects. It also has not been associated with serious toxic effects in overdose situations. The usual effective dose of nomifensine maleate is 100-200 mg daily given in divided doses. It appears to be a good choice for patients with profoundly retarded depression and for those who cannot tolerate the side effects of traditional antidepressant drugs. Nomifensine should not be used alone in patients with schizoaffective disorders or in patients with agitated depression. Nomifensine is a safe and effective antidepressant with a fairly unique pharmacological profile. Because the drug is relatively safe and causes little sedation, it may offer substantial advantages over the more traditional antidepressants and should be considered for formulary addition.
Nomifensine: an overview
Nomifensine: pharmacology
Nomifensine and methylphenidate
Nomifensine and hemolytic anemia
Nomifensine, bupropion and cocaine

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